Sunday, 29 May 2016

Creating Custom Backoffice Extenstion..

Custom Backoffice Extenstion:-

You can create custom backoffice extenstion by using “ybackoffice” Template.This backoffice webapplication contains new modules,widgets and UI components.By using custom backoffice extenstion you can create your own implementation and your own components.

Creating a new backoffice extension:-

  •     Create the extension with "ant extgen" for that Open the cmd and go to the platform directory of your hybris folder and execute command setantenv.bat after that execute ant extgen then it will shows like
    [input] Please choose a template for generation.
    [input] Press [Enter] to use the default value ([yempty], yscala, ygroovy, yatddtests, yacceleratorfulfilmentprocess,ychinaacceleratorstorefront, yaddon, ycommercewebservices, ycommercewebservicestest, ycommercewebserviceshmc, ycockpit, ybackoffice)
  •     Choose the ybackoffice template Then it will ask for the name of the extension
  [input] Please choose the name of your extension. It has to start with a letter followed by letters and/or numbers.
  [input] Press [Enter] to use the default value [training]
  •    Type the extenstionname in cmd. Ex:-custombackoffice
 [input] Please choose the package name of your extension. It has to fulfill java package name convention.
 [input] Press [Enter] to use the default value []
  •    Type the package name ex:-org.demohybris  press enter then it will ask 
[input] Create a sample widget?
 [input] ([true], false)
[input] Create sample style sheets? ([false], true)
  •    You can also leave the values to their defaults sample widget and sample style sheet.
  •    Add new extensions into config/localextensions.xml file.
 Ex: <extension dir="${HYBRIS_BIN_DIR}/custom/customcockpit"/>
  •    Perform complete build of the platform  using "Ant all" command in cmd.  

 Import the extension project into the IDE

  •     In Eclipse Right-click in package explorer and select Import
  •     Select General|Existing Projects into Workspace and browse to the new extension YOURPATH/bin/custom/extensionname
  •     Remember to ensure that the Copy projects into workspace check box is not checked before clicking on the Finish button
  •     You should now see the extension in your Eclipse Package Explorer

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