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Hybris BackOffice Tools...

 Hybris BackOffice Tools


Hmc stands for Hybris Management Console. Easy to configure and customize via XML configuration.HMC tool for technical business users, developers and Administrators,By Using HMC Manage Product,Order,Customer data and business processes. Manage users and access rights.


Product Cockpit –

The hybris Product Cockpit Module enables cockpit end users to manage and structure product information and catalogs in high-volume and collaborative environments. Product and category administration


WCMS Cockpit –

The WCMS Cockpit Module supports regular websites.WCMS Cockpit provides a multi-channel publishing system that allows you to easily maintain websites.It provides an intuitive, graphical user interface for data presentation and management.

Admin Cockpit – 

The hybris Administration Cockpit is used for the manipulation of Data Validation constraints,Instances of types and manage B2B data.The aim of the hybris Administration Cockpit is to provide functionality similar to the hybris Management Console (hMC), but in a more intuitive and user-friendly fashion, as it is expected from the numerous hybris cockpits.

Customer Service Cockpit -

Customer Service module provides the dedicated solution for the call-center environment. It means by using this Cockpit to perform Call center activities.

Print Cockpit – 

Print Cockpit is use to manage printed catalogs. The Print Cockpit Module adds the desktop publishing functionality to the hybris Platform. It enables you to produce sales catalogs, leaflets, and other printed material.

Import Cockpit –

It reduces the complexity of importing data by allowing you to define import mappings using intuitive graphical user interface tool.By using this cockpit Keep your content accurate by importing the most current product. Aggregate all product information scattered across various systems and departments.Support the long-tail approach by enabling easy supplier on-boarding.information from your suppliers and business partners.

Report Cockpit –.

The hybris Reporting Module provides a cockpit in which users are able to configure and display graphical statistics and reports in one central location. The reports are shown using widgets technology. Report Cockpit access to operational reports


BackOffice CockpitNG:-

Next Generation Cockpit Framework (Cockpit NG) is highly extensible and Configurable(XML).Present there are Several areas  BackOffice CockpitNG Modules available they are Commerce Search,Backoffice admin area,OMS Cockpit & Admin.The CokpitNG is a Single User Interface for all Backend Business Tools easy to use and role based interface for all business and administrative users.Application mashup can be designed at runtime using the Application Orchestrator interface or XML configuration. BackOffice CockpitNG will replace hmc in the Future. The “ybackoffice” extension template is used to generate a custom extension within which you implement your own components.


  1. Great blog! does Hmc exist in the newer version of Hybris 6.2? or backoffice will be replacing it?


    1. Hybris 6.2 version onwards HMC is deprecated.Backoffice works like HMC.But it is possible to enable HMC in 6.2 also for that you need to follow some steps.

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