Saturday, 14 May 2016

multiple hybris severs in one machine


     if u want to run two hybris servers in one machine yes we can 

     .property file we have to change the port numbers diffrent for different hybris sutes soo we can run
Basically hybris runs on a tomcat instance. Hybris is shipped with a bundled tomcat.
 So the question here is actually, how to run multiple tomcat in one machine.
We can run as many hybris we want, till our machine memory permits.
 To do so, we need to make each instance of tomcat to have it’s own ports to use.
 Make below ports unique for each instance.
 We should add below properties in local property file of each instance with unique values.


if ur machine haa less ram power your sys will hang soo plz check once dudes before doing
if u want to start hybris we have to start hybris.bat file in your platform directory 

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