Monday, 4 April 2016

hybris Commerce Suite Update

The hybris Commerce Suite Update:

1. The hybris Administration Console  is the root web page in the hybris Commerce Suite.You access it by opening appropriate URL on specific port, for example http://localhost:9001.

2. Open the hybris administration console.

3.At the beginning you are prompted to enter a user name and a password to access the hybris Administration Console. By default, you can use the admin user account and the nimda password.

4.Go to the Platform tab and select Update option

4. The Update page in hac displays like below.

5.Click the Update.If you Click on the Lock button disables the functionality of the Initialization and Update pages.
Open the command prompt in platform location like D:\hybris\bin\platform. Run as setantenv.bat i.e press enter Run as “ant updatesystem ”.or “ant updatesystem –Dtenant=$ttenantname”.Here tenantname is your tenantname by default tenantname is uses as mastertant.

After Clicking the Update button The Update page allows you to update the hybris Commerce Suite, but without removing available data.

So that no loss of data.It means update doesn’t drop any tables and columns from database schema.

In the process of updating existing tables are updated and newly defined types in items.xml are also created

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