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hybris commerce directory structure?

Hybris Commerce suite directory structure:
The directory structure of hybris Commerce has binary files stored under /bin directory. All extensions developed by hybris are divided in specific directories under the /bin directory to distinguish between the different kinds of extensions that hybris provides.

The following shows the directory structure of release 5.7:


Apart from this it contains other files such as:
1.   Configuration files stored in the config folder
2.   Data files stored in the data folder
3.   Log files stored in the log folder
4.   Temporary files stored in the temp folder.

Note: When you extract Hybris Commerce Suite only we are going to get /bin folder, other folders will be created when you set Ant environment and perform ant all target all the folders will be created.

Here is the brief description about the folders present in hybris directory release 5.7:

It contains the hybris Platform directories, the template directory, and the hybris extensions directory.
It may also contain the directory for partner extensions or custom extensions made by customers
for their own use.
This directory is created during the process of creating the custom extensions. It should contain our 
own project extensions.
This directory contains acceleratorcms,acceleratorfacades,acceleratorservices,
Acceleratorstorefrontcommons, alipay, b2bacceleratorservices, b2bpunchout,
chinaacceleratorfacades, chinaacceleratorservices, savedorderforms, timedaccesspromotionsfacades, timedaccesspromotionsservices, timedaccesspromotionsserviceshmc extensions.
This directory contains addon-related extensions.
This directory contains the ATDD engine.
This directory contains the ATDD tests for particular modules.
This directory contains, alipaymentbackoffice, b2bcommercebackoffice,
backoffice, basecommercebackoffice, chinaacceleratorbackoffice,
commercesearchbackoffice, commerceservicesbackoffice,
ordermanagementbackoffice, promotionsbackoffice,
solrfacetsearchbackoffice, timedaccesspromotionsbackoffice,
voucherbackoffice, warehousingbackoffice, xyformsbackoffice,
ybackoffice extensions.
This directory contains cscockpit, instore, mobileoptionals, mobileservices extensions.
This directory contains the following cockpit extensions: admincockpit, cockpit, mcc,
reportcockpit, ycockpit.
This directory contains commerce-related extensions.
This directory contains  bmecat, bmecathmc, classificationsystems,
classificationsystemshmc, cms2, cms2lib, cmscockpit, importcockpit,
liveeditaddon, productcockpit, productcockpitsampledata
This directory contains sample data extensions
This directory contains extensions which are to be deprecated along with the next release
This directory contains eventtrackingmodel, eventtrackingpublisher,
This directory contains deltadetection, y2ysync, y2ysync-datahub-ext,
y2ysyncdemoelectronics, y2ysynchmc, yaasconnect
This directory contains extensions used for integration of the hybris Commerce Suite with SAP 
This directory contains  mediaconversionbackoffice and platformbackoffice
This directory contains optional platform extensions
This directory contains print, printcockpit and printhmc extensions
This directory contains hybrisdatasupplier, hybrisrootcauseanalysis and
hybristransportandchange extensions.
This directory contains all extgen templates.
This directory contains the actual Platform functionalities. It includes core extensions, the build
framework, custom extension templates in /extgen, and the application server directories.

Note:  Every Hybris commerce /bin directory looks same but no. of
Extensions differ from release version to version like 4.8, 5.0, 5.4 etc.

The directory contains our custom configuration files for the hybris Commerce Suite, such as:,  localextensions.xml and hybrislicence.jar. This directory also
contains the files for the customization mechanism of the hybris Commerce Suite
This directory contains runtime data, such as: Media files, such as product pictures.        
LuceneSearch indexes ,HSQLDB files.
This directory contains log files from the hybris Server, JDBC logging, and so on
This directory contains temporary files.

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