Sunday, 10 July 2016

how to set ANT environment in each hybris folder

  we are all  know  to sent ANT environment  in platform folder we just  go to platform folder and open command prompt and then

    we  call setantenv.bat  file 
that .bat  fie will set ant environment in platform folder 

now  my  task is i wont to set ANT environment in out side folders also  how can we do this easily 

our  platform folder look like bellow

in this we have  apacheANTfolder and setantenv.bat files

we have  to copy  both  and put  in which folder you wont to archive ANT environment 

and then open command prompt in that folder and run setantenv.bat file 

then ANT environment will be set in your folder 

and then we can execute our  build commands in that folder 


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